Small team,
big service

Stuart had a habit of joining small companies that went large. From his first role at the Corporate Services Group, which grew from 30 to 1,300 staff in 4 years, to his last as EMEA IT Director at a software company that went global, it was always the same story.

As the roles expanded, so did his staff and expertise. But progress came at a price. Suddenly, he didn’t know the users he supported anymore. And the buzz of the big picture simply wasn’t as satisfying as the reward of providing the personal touch.

In 2006 he set up Cambridge Helpdesk to give smaller businesses the bullet-proof IT that corporates rely on, but with one crucial difference. His vision was for everyone at Cambridge Helpdesk to be on first-name terms with all their clients. And always adding value for them, not simply ticking off tasks.

Today, and every day, Cambridge Helpdesk does just that – proud to be considered one of the team.

Meet the crew

Here’s who you’ll have on your side.

Danny Brown
Miles Sandys
Head of Technology
Rachel Harris
Office Manager
Katya English
Technical Support
Charley Swan-Taylor
Technical Support
Stuart Brown
Rachel King
James Reid
Technical Support
Cambridge Helpdesk
South Fens Business Centre
Fenton Way, Chatteris
PE16 6TT
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