Picture the team


Picture the team

Finding a way to convey our ethos wasn’t easy, and photos of computers wouldn’t cut the mustard.

We knew we wanted this website to celebrate the idea of team spirit. We love it when our customers say we’re like one of their team. That’s trust in a nutshell.


So, we thought about teams, and how each person’s quirks make working together more fun. Then we asked Jay Wright, illustrator, to bring teamwork to life for us. And then we asked him a few questions, so you can meet the man behind our cartoon characters.

You began your working life as a carpenter. How did it happen that you became an illustrator?

I started working with my dad when I left school and within 3 years of working in a dusty workshop with long hours I started to become a bit unhappy, so I started drawing and making more creative things out of the scrap pieces of wood. Eventually I went to college to study art and graphics. I learned so much from my dad in those 3 years working as a carpenter, skills that feed into my work and drawing even now.

How long have you lived in Berlin?

Around 8 years now. I studied at the art school here for an exchange and knew I wanted to live here when I finished my studies. The creative scene is great – there’s a huge mix of people from all over the world.

How would you describe your illustration style?

Graphic, fun, bloopy and personal.

What inspires you?

Ah, all sorts! Trees, the wind, bugs, sunshine, delicious snacks, my wonderful friends to name a few.

How do you approach each work brief? What’s your creative process?

Well, it depends on the brief, but it usually stars with a few notes in my phone then I mull over them for a few days adding to the notes, then I start sketching on cheap printer paper with my trusty mechanical pencil. That’s it really, no fancy secrets to tell.

What were you trying to achieve with the illustrations for Cambridge Helpdesk? What do you particularly like about the finished work?

I guess it’s nice to try and present the theme of technology in a fun way. It’s good when a client like Cambridge Helpdesk lean into the humour in my work, and want that to come through in the images. I liked that I was able to play with scale and form, which makes it more playful in the end. I also love the dogs!

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